Database of ostracized composers

Exilarte’s most significant mission is the documentation of personalities in the sphere about musicians, composers, music theorists and other music professionals ostrazised, persecuted or killed by National Socialist Regime. Therefore, Exilarte records their musical estates worldwide. Each entry in the database below provides all relevant information, including in which archive or collection the estate is currently located. 

The vast compositional estates of émigrés composers, located worldwide in archives, libraries, universites or private collections, are being continously recorded in the database below and presented on this website. The search is set up for composer’s names, title of their works or musical genres.

Access to the database


The work on the following compositional documentations is in progress:

Guido Adler   1855–1941
Walter Arlen   *1920
Max Brod   1884–1968 
Robert Fürstenthal   1920–2016 
Hans Gál   1890–1987
Wilhelm Grosz   1894–1939 
Franz Ippisch   1883–1958 
Walter Jurmann   1903–1971 
Bronislav Kaper   1902 – 1983 
Fritz Kreisler   1875–1962
Karl Rankl   1898 – 1968 
Ferdinand Rauter   1902–1987
Ruth Schönthal   1924 – 2006 
Artur Schnabel   1882–1951
Fritz Spielmann 1906 – 1997 
Max Steiner   1888–1971
Joachim Stutschewsky 1891–1982
Julius Salomon Sulzer 1834–1891 
Georg Tintner   1917–1999
Victor Urbancic   1903–1958
Karl Weigl   1881–1949
Jaromir Weinberger   1896–1967
Egon Wellesz   1885–1974 
Eric Werner   1901–1988
Karl Wiener   1891–1942 
Erich Zeisl   1905–1959