Wilhelm Grosz

Vienna, 1894-1939, New York City

Once considered a potential successor to Mahler while still a budding young student of Franz Schreker. Against expectations, he went to Berlin and collaborated with Béla Balázs, librettist of Bartók, only this time, it was in jazzy one-act pantomimes and operas: “Achtung! Aufnahme!” and “Baby in der Bar”. He also went on to become one of the first recording producers before fleeing to England in 1933 where he teamed up with Jimmy Kennedy composing such well-trodden hits as “Red Sails in the Sunset”, “Isle of Capri” or “Along the Santa Fe Trail”. His classical output, however, is the progeny of Franz Schreker and sits squarely in the line of other fin de siècle composers.