Concert Series “Echo of the Unheard” I April 16, 2024 I Somewhere in the World

© Roman Drits

Pianist Linda Leine and soprano Pia Davila have been working together steadily since fall 2014. This exciting journey began with the 2015 “Schubert and Modernism” competition in Graz, where the duo received third prize. Since then it has been playing throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In Schwerin in 2016, the musicians won first prize in the Ostracized Music Competition – for both of them the beginning of working with music by ostracized composers. Since then, Linda Leine and Pia Davila have developed a wide repertoire, the core pieces of which can now be heard on the CD. There are various reasons why the musicians devote themselves particularly to this topic. In addition to the fantastic musical quality that the often unknown works and texts have, it is important to the two artists to make a social contribution through their profession. While Linda Leine learned the stories of her own Jewish family on her father’s side – her grandfather was interned in several German concentration camps and survived the Holocaust – for Pia Davila, cultivating memory for a democratic and peaceful life in the future is an important concern. For many years she was a member of the “Freundeskreis KZ-Gedenkstätte Neuengamme e.V.” and her work as part of the guest student program for refugees at the Hamburg University of Music and Theater was honored with an invitation to the 2019 New Year’s reception with the Federal President at Bellevue Palace.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024, 7 p.m.
Palais Ehrbar – small Ehrbar Saal
Mühlgasse 28
1040 Vienna

Admission free! /


Pia Davila, soprano
Linda Leine, piano


Songs by Erich Zeisl, Arnold Schönberg, Ruth Schonthal, Ilse Weber, among others.


Gerold Gruber (founder of and head of the Exilarte Center)