The catalog for the exhibition “Triangle of the Viennese tradition – Zemlinsky – Schönberg – Hoffmann”

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The catalog for the current Exilarte exhibition “Triangle of the Viennese Tradition: Zemlinsky – Schönberg – Hoffmann” has been published by Verlag Böhlau!

© Exilarte

Three extraordinary musicians who were connected to each other as composers, educators and friends in the early 20th century share a similar fate: they are of Jewish origin and therefore ostracized and exiled. Starting with the artist circle of the Second Viennese School during the Art Nouveau period, the political situation came to a head, leading to a wave of refugees from National Socialist Europe of thousands of Jewish and dissident people and thus to a great loss of cultural heritage. Arnold Schönberg describes the American exile as a paradise into which he was thrust; he composed, taught and maintained social contacts with other emigrated cultural workers. His student and assistant Richard Hoffmann passes on his teachings to the next generations, but not all emigrants, uprooted, can come to terms with the new circumstances. Alexander Zemlinsky, for example, atrophies artistically, mentally and physically in exile.

Eike Fess
Gerold Gruber
Benjamin Michael Haas
Katya Kaiser
Horst Weber


Prof. Dr. Gerold Gruber (Head of the Exilarte Center)



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