“The path through Paradise”I Exilarte in cooperation with Bösendorfer Salon I April 05, 2024 I Walter Bricht

© Arash Amiri

Gustav Klimt’s golden era in Vienna combines resonant images from Liszt, Mahler and Richard Strauss. The young woman from his expectation – is she the mysterious beauty that Arnold Schönberg describes in his early opus? And the Garden of Eden from the Tree of Life – is that the place where Elisabeth from Walter Brich’s Hesse setting has already been?

The atmospheric figures from Gustav Klimt’s works that adorn the new Tree of Life wing are the starting point for a journey through the ups and downs of love – the path through paradise!

The soprano Arabella Fenyves and the pianist David Hausknecht interpret the still unknown musical treasures of the exiled composer Walter Bricht, returning them to the Viennese art song repertoire.

Friday, April 5th, 2024, 7 p.m.
Bösendorfer Salon
Bösendorferstraße 12 | Canovagasse 4,
1010 Vienna

Admission free!
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Arabella Fenyves, soprano

David Hausknecht, piano

Works by:

Walter Bricht, Arnold Schönberg, Richard Strauss, Gustav Mahler, Franz Liszt