Presentation of the Exilarte Estates

permanent exhibition – exhibition room

In the context of the current exhibition, twelve estates preserved in the archives of the Exilarte Center are presented. These estates provide insight into the diversity of biographies of  composers who were all forced into exile. Through several audio stations more than 30 compositions of these creative minds are made accessible.  Their works convey an idea of the plurality of styles in the first half of the twentieth century, before National Socialism tore a deep crater of barbarism into the European landscape.

Exhibited estates: Anita Bild, Walter Bricht, Theo Buchwald, Julius Bürger, Robert Freistadtl, Richard Fuchs, Hans Gál, Wilhelm Grosz, Egon Lustgarten, André Singer, Jan Urban, Hans Winterberg

The audio stations can be accessed by scanning the respective QR codes or listened to with headphones. Disposable plastic protection for the headphones is available at the entrance to the exhibition.