Author: Madeleine Fremuth

” VORAHNUNG ” (Premonition) Concert in the Exilarte Center of the mdw – Victor Urbancic I June 6, 2023

Watch the live concert recording here.

As part of the “Vorahnung” concert, song compositions by the expelled Austrian composer Victor Urbancic will be heard. The compositions, mostly written before he was twenty, are accompanied by texts by his wife Melitta Urbancic, read by Julia Stemberger.

Tuesday , June 6, 2023, 7 PM (EST)
University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna
Franz Liszt Hall (3rd floor)
Lothringerstrasse 18, 1030 Vienna

Free Entry!
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Marina Margaritta Colda – soprano
Julia Tinhof – piano
Julia Stemberger – reading
Gerold Gruber – moderation

Jonathan Powell – Piano Recital |   May 24, 2023 – Centre Tchèque, Paris

We are pleased to announce a cooperation between the Center Tchèque Paris and the exilarte center:

A piano recital by pianist Jonathan Powell, who will present a magnificent Czech repertoire with a work by the recently rediscovered composer Hans Winterberg.

Hans Winterberg

During the concert, Hans Winterberg’s second piano sonata from 1941 will have its public premiere.

More details can be found here.

” Endangered Beauty” Exilarte Center in Cooperation with Webern Chamber Philharmonic I May 23, 2023

“Endangered Beauty” – under this title, Ernst Kovacic, who acts here as conductor of the Webern Chamber Philharmonic, focuses this time on the composers Joszef Koffler, Alexander Zemlinsky, Hans Gál and Josef Suk.

Not only does the program do justice to the title due to the rarity of its performances, the title also indicates that the diverse musical creativity of these composers came to an abrupt end during the Nazi regime. Both Gál and Zemlinsky fled from the Nazis into exile. Koffler was murdered by them.

Personalities like Ernst Kovacic and organizations like Exilarte are committed to bringing this music, an almost forgotten beauty, back into the minds of their listeners.

Works by: Joszef Koffler, Alexander Zemlinsky, Hans Gál and Josef Suk

Performers: Webern Chamber Philharmonic

Conductor: Ernst Kovacic

When: Tuesday, May 23, 2023 at 7:30 p.m

Spiel!Raum Kapfenberg
Friedrich-Böhler-Strasse 9, 8605 Kapfenberg

Admission: 18 euros / reduced 9 euros / music school pass: free admission!

Ticket sales: Ö-Ticket sales system, in the cultural center of Kapfenberg (Monday to Friday 9am to 12pm and Mon, Tuesday & Thursday 2pm to 5pm), – ticket sales offices or cash desk on site.

“Innovators in Exile”- The Cententary of the Founding of the International Society for New Music in Salzburg I April 20, 2023

© The International Society for New Music (IGNM) Salzburg

under the patronage of Thomas Hampson cooperation with Leao Baeck Institute, American Society for Jewish Music, Austrian Cultural Forum New York

Thursday April 20, 2023
Leo Baeck Institute – Center for Jewish history
15 West 16th St
New York, NY 10011

New Exhibition at the Exilarte Center beginning September 17, 2022: Fritz Kreisler – A Cosmopolitan in Exile. From Child Prodigy to “King of Violinists”

The new exhibition at the Exilarte Center, which will be open to the public starting September 17, 2022, illustrates Kreisler’s family history, his time in Vienna and his special ability to communicate with the media (record companies, newspapers, radio) through numerous pictures, musical materials and life documents. His violin style (in connection with the major concertos and the Beethoven sonatas) is also thematized, as are his arrangements and compositional style. Likewise, the historical component of the expulsion by the Nazi regime based on “racial” reasons is shown and – as is already a tradition of Exilarte exhibitions – the inclusion of other exiled and ostracized violin virtuosos and string quartets of the time (Alma and Arnold Rosé, Carl Flesch, Bronislaw Huberman, Ferdinand Adler, Busch Quartet, Rostal Quartet etc.) is addressed.

Fritz Kreisler (Vienna, 1875 – 1962, New York) was first taught by his father before he entered the Conservatory of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Vienna (today mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna) in 1882, where he studied with Josef Hellmesberger Jr. and Anton Bruckner. At the age of seven, he was the youngest child prodigy at this school. After studying in Paris, he went on a successful tour in the USA together with the pianist Moriz Rosenthal in 1888.

An audition with the Vienna Philharmonic was unsuccessful; nevertheless, he was invited to play as a soloist with the orchestra. After further successes with the Berlin Philharmonic under Arthur (Artúr) Nikisch, one of the most brilliant and lucrative solo careers of the time began. In 1910 Kreisler premiered Edward Elgar’s Violin Concerto, which was dedicated to him.

When the National Socialists seized power in Germany, performances of the star violinist were accompanied by disruptions and calls for a boycott due to his Jewish ancestry. His compositions were no longer played. Kreisler ended all further concert activities in Germany, but continued to live in his villa in Berlin together with his wife and manager, the American Harriet Lies, who maintained a good relationship with the Nazi-Regime. In 1935 Kreisler was awarded the Ring of Honor by the City of Vienna.

With the so-called “annexation” of Austria into Nazi Germany in March 1938, Kreisler’s Austrian passport became invalid. After successful efforts to obtain French citizenship, Kreisler found his way into American exile in September 1939, where he settled with his wife in New York and was naturalized in 1943. Kreisler’s last public appearance was in 1949. After his emigration the star violinist never travelled to Europe again. He died in New York in 1962.

This exhibition will be open as of September 17, 2022.

Free admission!

Opening Hours
January 10, 2023 – June 30, 2023

Tuesday – Friday from 3pm – 7pm
Saturday from 1pm – 5pm
Closed on Austrian holidays.

Exilarte Center of the mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

Lothringerstrasse 18
1st floor
1030 Vienna/Austria

„DUMKY“ concert in cooperation with Exilarte and the association Tonwerk I May 17, 2023

Concert series of the association Tonwerk – Forum for New Music – as part of the district festival weeks Hietzing.

The Theresienstadt composer Hans Winterberg (1901 – 1991) has only been known to the musical public for a few years. Winterberg lived in Germany in the community of Sudeten Germans in Bavaria and dedicated his Deutschsudeten Trio to this group. The Exilarte Center is responsible for the rediscovery of the composer and publishes a large number of his compositions together with the publishing house Boosey & Hawkes.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023 at 7:00 p.m

Large ballroom of the Hietzing office building
Hietzinger Quay 1-3
1130 Vienna

Admission free!


Floris Willem, Geige
Cristina Basili, Cello
David Hausknecht, Klavier


Antonín Dvořák: Klaviertrio no. 4, op. 90 
Hans Winterberg: Sudetensuite 
Gerhard Habl: Divertimento 
Akos Banlaky: Präludium aus dem Trio op. 66 
Friedrich Cerha: Nachtstück 


Prof. Dr. Gerold Gruber (Gründer von und Leiter des Exilarte Zentrum)
Mag. Akos Banlaky (Komponist, Obmann des Vereins Tonwerk – Forum für Neue Musik)


Stadt Wien, BMKÖS, Bezirksvorstehung Hietzing, GFÖM

“When I compose, I am back in Vienna” Concert at the Exilarte Center of the mdw – Robert Fürstenthal I April 27, 2023

The Exilarte Center presents “16 Songs and Ballads of Life and Decline” by Robert Fürstenthal

Thursday , April 27, 2023, 7 PM (EST)
University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna
Franz Liszt Hall (3rd floor)
Lothringerstrasse 18, 1030 Vienna

Admission free!

Register to reserve your seats here.


Kelly Riordan, mezzo-soprano
Miyuki Schuessler, piano


Prof. Dr. Gerold Gruber (founder of and head of the Exilarte center)

Concert Series “Echo of the Unheard” I April 13, 2023

The Exilarte Center presents songs by Walter Bricht, Julius Bürger, Robert Fürstenthal, Hans Gál and Wilhelm Grosz in the concert series “Echo of the Unheard”. The legacies of these composers are in the archive of the Exilarte Center. Works by Walter Arlen will also be heard.

Here you can find the program booklet.

Works by: Walter Bricht, Julius Bürger, Robert Fürstenthal, Hans Gál, Wilhelm Grosz and Walter Arlen

©Peter Kogoj

Josipa Bainac-Hausknecht, Mezzo-soprano
Bálint Németh, Tenor
David Hausknecht, Piano

Moderation: Prof. Dr. Gerold Gruber (Founder of and Chairman of the Exilarte Center)

Tuesday, April 13, 2023, 7 PM (EST)
Palais Ehrbar – small Ehrbar hall
Mühlgasse 28
1040 Vienna

ORF Long Night of Museums |   October 1, 2022

On Saturday, October 1, 2022, this year’s “ORF Long Night of Museums” will take place in Austria.

The Exilarte Center of the mdw is pleased to again be part of the event this year. In addition to our special programs, there will be also guided tours through the current exhibition Fritz Kreisler – A Cosmopolitan in Exile. From Child Prodigy to “King of Violinists”as well as through our permanent exhibitions.

SPECIAL EVENTS as part of the ORF Long Night of Museums

1)  Literary Reading with Music (starting at 7 pm)

In Memory of Käthe Leichter – 80 Years After Her Murder by the Nazis

Opening speech: Mag.a Ulrike Sych, President of the mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

Käthe Leichter was one of the first leading Austrian social democrats to fight for equal rights of female and male workers. Her letters paint an impressive picture of a courageous woman. In 1939 she was deported to Ravensbrück concentration camp, where she was murdered in 1942. Her sister, the composer and music therapist Vally Weigl, managed to flee to the USA together with her husband, the composer Karl Weigl in 1938.

The well-known actress Christine Ostermayer reads together with Gregorij von Leitis letters from Käthe Leichter and her husband Otto Leichter. The musical framework for this event is provided by works of Vally Weigl and Karl Weigl interpreted by soprano Josipa Bainac and pianist David Hausknecht.

Introduced by: Michael Lahr von Leitis (Lahr from Leitis Academy) and Gerold Gruber (Head of the Exilarte Center)

2.) Book presentation with music from the 1930s (starting at 9 p.m.)

In-Musik-sein“ – The Musical Situation of the Exile Philosopher Günther Anders

Günther Anders is not only a technology-critical philosopher, he is also the author of writings on the philosophy of art and music. His Theorie der musikalischen Situation is reconsidered in the book „In-Musik-sein“ is presented here with a music-pedagogical intention.

During this event, the singers Melanie Hirsch and Sylvia Khittl-Muhr will interpret together with the pianist Christoph U. Meier works by Ralph Benatzky, Wilhelm Grosz, Friedrich Hollaender, Michael Jary and Robert Stolz. The musical estate of Wilhelm Grosz is located in the archive of the Exilarte Center.

Moderation Panel:

Gerold Gruber (Chairman of the Exilarte Center)

Markus Hirsch (mdw – Institute for Music Education)

Christoph Khittl (mdw – Institute for Music Education)

An mdw cooperation between the Institute for Music Education (IMP) and the Exilarte Center.

3.) Tours through the exhibition (as of 6:30 p.m.)

Fritz Kreisler – A Cosmopolitan in Exile. From Child Prodigy to “King of Violinists”

Life and work of famous violin virtuoso Fritz Kreisler are presented in the new exhibition of the Exilarte Center through photos, scores as well as life and audio documents. When the National Socialists came to power in Germany, the performances of the star violinist were accompanied by disruptions and calls for boycott due to his Jewish heritage. Also his compositions were no longer played. In September 1939 Kreisler immigrated to the USA, where he settled in New York together with his wife Harriet.


Tickets can be bought directly at the Exilarte Center!
Exilarte Center at the mdw, Lothringerstraße 18 / 1st floor, 1030 Vienna

Regular: € 15.00 (including VAT)
Reduced:* € 12.00 (including VAT)
Free entry for children up to 12 years of age
* reduced tickets for schoolchildren, students, senior citizens, people with disabilities, military service and Ö1 Club members. Please have the relevant proof ready on site. 

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