“In Exile” – Exilarte in cooperation with the 8th Vareš Classic Festival, Bosnia-Herzegovina | September 28 – October 4, 2020

3 concerts live on youtube

Livestream from the Liszt Hall, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

This project is supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum Sarajevo. Due to the current Covid-19 situation performances will partly take place online.

On September 28th, September 30th and October 4th, 2020, the WISE Soloists Ensemble & friends will present, among others, works by Julius Bürger, Hans Gál, Wilhelm Grosz and Vally Weigl, who were all forced to flee from the terror of the NS-regime. The performances are part of the 8th Vareš Classic Festival.

The three concerts will be moderated by Gerold Gruber, chairman and founder of exil.arte, and Andrea Nikolić, director of the Vareš Classic Festival.

Monday, 28.09.2020, 7 PM
“A Song in EXILE”
Link: https://youtu.be/azUTUpAXDtg


Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
Adelaide, op. 46
Ich liebe dich, WoO 123

Josipa Bainac (soprano), David Hausknecht (piano)

Emil Cossetto (1918-2006): Cancion Sefardita de Bosnia “Los Moricos Cantan”

Josipa Bainac (soprano), David Hausknecht (piano)

Wilhelm Grosz (1894-1939): A Song in Exile

Josipa Bainac (soprano), David Hausknecht (piano)

Hans Gál (1890 – 1987) : Abend auf dem Fluß, op. 33, Nr. 5

Josipa Bainac (soprano), David Hausknecht (piano)

Julius Bürger (1897 – 1995): String Quartet Nr.2

Andrea Nikolić (violin), Edua Zadory (violin), Marta Potulska (viola), Liliana Kehayova (cello)

Wednesday, 30.09.2020, 7 PM
“Paradiso in EXILE“
Link: https://youtu.be/Pa98Kq0PP2g


Meinhard Rüdenauer (*1943): Concerto al Paradiso (2019)

Nataša Veljković (piano), Ivana Nikolić (oboe), Andrea Nikolić (violin), Marta Potulska (viola), Liliana Kehayova (cello)

Gabriele Proy (*1965): Amethyst for Solo Violin

Edua Zadory (violin)

Hans Gál (1890 – 1987)
Concertino for Flute und String Quartet, op. 82

Ulrike Anton (flute), Andrea Nikolić (violin), Edua Zadory (violin), Marta Potulska (viola),
Liliana Kehayova (cello)

Sunday, 04.10.2020, 7 PM
“Women in EXILE“
Link: https://youtu.be/GUlaVpVskr8

Vally Weigl (1894 – 1982) : Bird of Life for Solo Flute
VI. Bird’s Farewell to the Setting Sun

Ulrike Anton (flute)

Thea Musgrave (*1928)
Night Windows for Oboe and Piano

Ivana Nikolić (oboe), Stipe Bilić (piano)

Lera Auerbach (*1973): T’filah for Solo Violin

Andrea Nikolić (Violine)

Johanna Doderer (*1969): Rosa lacrimosa

Josipa Bainac (soprano), David Hausknecht (piano)

Gabriele Proy (*1965) : Alchemilla vulgaris
In memoriam Johanna Dohnal

Ulrike Anton (flute), Andrea Nikolić (violin), Marta Potulska (viola), Liliana Kehayova (cello)