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“In Exile” – Exilarte in cooperation with the 8th Vareš Classic Festival, Bosnia-Herzegovina | September 28 – October 4, 2020

3 concerts live on youtube

Livestream from the Liszt Hall, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

This project is supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum Sarajevo. Due to the current Covid-19 situation performances will partly take place online.

On September 28th, September 30th and October 4th, 2020, the WISE Soloists Ensemble & friends will present, among others, works by Julius Bürger, Hans Gál, Wilhelm Grosz and Vally Weigl, who were all forced to flee from the terror of the NS-regime. The performances are part of the 8th Vareš Classic Festival.

The three concerts will be moderated by Gerold Gruber, chairman and founder of, and Andrea Nikolić, director of the Vareš Classic Festival.

Monday, 28.09.2020, 7 PM
“A Song in EXILE”


Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
Adelaide, op. 46
Ich liebe dich, WoO 123

Josipa Bainac (soprano), David Hausknecht (piano)

Emil Cossetto (1918-2006): Cancion Sefardita de Bosnia “Los Moricos Cantan”

Josipa Bainac (soprano), David Hausknecht (piano)

Wilhelm Grosz (1894-1939): A Song in Exile

Josipa Bainac (soprano), David Hausknecht (piano)

Hans Gál (1890 – 1987) : Abend auf dem Fluß, op. 33, Nr. 5

Josipa Bainac (soprano), David Hausknecht (piano)

Julius Bürger (1897 – 1995): String Quartet Nr.2

Andrea Nikolić (violin), Edua Zadory (violin), Marta Potulska (viola), Liliana Kehayova (cello)

Wednesday, 30.09.2020, 7 PM
“Paradiso in EXILE“


Meinhard Rüdenauer (*1943): Concerto al Paradiso (2019)

Nataša Veljković (piano), Ivana Nikolić (oboe), Andrea Nikolić (violin), Marta Potulska (viola), Liliana Kehayova (cello)

Gabriele Proy (*1965): Amethyst for Solo Violin

Edua Zadory (violin)

Hans Gál (1890 – 1987)
Concertino for Flute und String Quartet, op. 82

Ulrike Anton (flute), Andrea Nikolić (violin), Edua Zadory (violin), Marta Potulska (viola),
Liliana Kehayova (cello)

Sunday, 04.10.2020, 7 PM
“Women in EXILE“

Vally Weigl (1894 – 1982) : Bird of Life for Solo Flute
VI. Bird’s Farewell to the Setting Sun

Ulrike Anton (flute)

Thea Musgrave (*1928)
Night Windows for Oboe and Piano

Ivana Nikolić (oboe), Stipe Bilić (piano)

Lera Auerbach (*1973): T’filah for Solo Violin

Andrea Nikolić (Violine)

Johanna Doderer (*1969): Rosa lacrimosa

Josipa Bainac (soprano), David Hausknecht (piano)

Gabriele Proy (*1965) : Alchemilla vulgaris
In memoriam Johanna Dohnal

Ulrike Anton (flute), Andrea Nikolić (violin), Marta Potulska (viola), Liliana Kehayova (cello)

BR radio show: Hans Winterberg – In search of a forgotten composer | October 11, 2019

Gerold Gruber, Ulrike Anton and Michael Haas are guests of Andreas Pehl from the Bayerischer Rundfunk and talk about the extraordinary life cycle and the works of the composer Hans Winterberg, persecuted by the National Socialists.

Bavarian Radio Classical, Friday, October 11, 2019, 19:05 – 20 clock A replay of the program will take place on Saturday, October 12 at 2:05 pm.

The program can be heard via the live stream of Bayerischer Rundfunk and is also available via the media library or podcast service of the BR.

Symposium „Jewish Music in South Germany – History, Exile, Continuance“ in Munich | July 11 – 12, 2019

The international Symposium „Jewish Music in South Germany – History, Exile, Continuance“ initiated by Tina Frühauf, took place at Munich’s University for Music and Performing Arts on July 11th and 12th 2019. It presented a wide spectrum of creativity current in Southern Germany prior to 1933, and included papers on both secular and liturgical works. was represented by DDr. Prof. Gerold Gruber and Dr. Ulrike Anton both giving their papers on life and work of Hans Winterberg and Dr. Michael Haas, who spoke on the Kulturbund and New Zealand exile-composer Robert Fuchs. Documentation on Hans Winterberg as well as the estate of Robert Fuchs make up part of the archive of the Center.  

Film Screening “WALTER ARLEN’S FIRST CENTURY” at the Austrian Cultural Forum New York | June 12, 2019

WALTER ARLEN’S FIRST CENTURY, a documentary by Vienna-based filmmaker Stephanus Domanig, paints an affectionate and multifaceted picture of a musician exiled in 1938, who only got to see his works performed late in life.

The film accompanies Walter Arlen for a part of his journey. With ease it paints the portrait of a remarkable man, a man who went through years of darkness but never lost sight of the “blue light of the last streetcar”.

Following the 90-minute screening of the film, there was a Q&A with’s founding Director Gerold Gruber and filmmaker Stephanus Domanig.
Jeannie Im (soprano) and Dan Franklin Smith (piano) presented examples of Arlen’s musical oeuvre including “Five Songs of Love and Yearning.”

Please read the articles on this wonderful evening on Broadway World and Musical America.

Tribute to Andrè Singer, Austrian Cultural Forum New York | June 12, 2018

Das Trio Artio: Drei junge Frauen in schwarzen Kleidern mit Musikinstrumenten

The Austrian Cultural Forum New York 
Trio Artio, Gerold Gruber im Gespräch mit Susanne Korbel und dem Zeitzeugen George Wolff

André Singer wurde in Serbien geboren und studierte an der mdw. In der Zwischenkriegszeit konnte er sich als Komponist, Pianist und Texter einen Namen im Bereich des Wiener Kabaretts machen (Literatur am Naschmarkt). 1938 musste er in die USA fliehen und arbeitete als Kompositionslehrer an einem amerikanischen College. George Wolff, ein Freund von André Singer, wird über sein Leben und sein Werk aus seiner Sicht berichten. 

Link: > Event

Tokyo Spring Festival, Concert at Ishibashi Memorial Hall | March 20, 2017

Exilarte Concert at Ishibashi Memorial Hall, Tokyo

As part of the prestigious Tokyo Spring Festival the Exilare Center presents the concert „Cultural Exodus – Music as Witness“ on the subject of Forgotten Music – Forbidden Composers at Ishibashi Memorial Hall in Tokyo.

Herbert Zipper: Fantasia for String Quartet “Erlebnisse – Experiences of My Life” 
Marius Flothuis: Aubade for solo Flute, op. 19a
Béla Bartók: Suite Paysanne hongrois for Flute and Piano 
Mieczysław Weinberg: 12 Miniaturen for Flute und Piano, op. 29
Hans Gál: Concertino for Flute and String Quartet, op. 82


Ulrike Anton, Flute
Shoko Kawasaki, Piano 

Precious Quartet:
Erina Kato, Violin
Nina Furukawa,Violin
Saori Oka, Viola
Kazuhisa Ogawa, Cello

Moderation: Gerold Gruber

Link: Tokyo Spring Festival